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     Christian music songs that i have composed.Like on    christian-musicand Google+ christian-songs if you want?





    All songs copyright

    I have many christian music songs on rank there is #2 for music/songwriter for my city Oslo.I have composed many songs,and i hop that you feel good listening to them .I have not studio quality music so the songs are not studio quality so i cannot sell my christian music songsChristian songThis is my christian songs that i have composed myself.

    My music site is
    I have made music for some time now,and i like making music.
    On my music site on reverbnation im numner 3 local for Oslo.
    I think that is cool,because im not so good singer,and i record with my camer,so it is not studio quality music ,so i cant sell my my music.I hope that you like my christian song.
    I will make more songs when God gives my a song.
    i hope that my christian songs can make you happy,and in a good move,so you can praise the Lord.Amen
    Christian music songs can help worshiping God..There is a lot of christian music on the net and im one of them.I have composed my songs myself.And i hope God will give me more songs,because i like to sing



    Christian Music College prepares students as musicians with broad musical foundation on which they can specialize. The Degree prepares the students to perform, music ministry or specialized music. The College offer Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts, with minor in biblical studies. The student either specializes in worship and music ministry or performance and pedagogy.
    Christian music festivals now exist throughout the world. The Greenbelt festival, founded in 1974 in the United Kingdom, was at one time one of the largest recurring Christian event in the world. Germany is host to several festivals; four of the most notable are Christmas Rock Night, Freakstock, Himmelfahrt Festival and Rock Without Limits. In greater Europe notable festivals include Flevo and EO Youth Day in the Netherlands, Seaside Festival in Norway, the Big Boss' Festival in Switzerland, the Song of Songs Festival in Poland, and Frizon Festival in Sweden. In 2014 the first Christian music festival is being held in Hungary (named Cross Sound).[33][better60;source60;needed]
    Christian music has really evolved over the last decade, with some much change in the industry and so many new styles types of artists. Therefore, there are many new styles of Christian sheet music available today. Sometimes, it is difficult finding free Christian Sheet Music. Especially new Christian music.
    Christian music is music that has been written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding Christian life and faith. Common themes of Christian music include praise, worship, penitence, and lament, and its forms vary widely across the world.
    Christian music is supported by a segment of the general music industry which evolved as a parallel structure to the same. Beginning in the 1970s and developing out of the Jesus Movement, the Christian music industry subsequently developed into a near billion dollar enterprise. By the 1990s the genre had eclipsed classical, jazz, and new age music, and artists began gaining limited acceptance in the general market.
    Christian Musicals is another growing area, especially with the help of the internet. Church drama groups frequently enjoy performing musical dramas which can be downloaded on line for free use.
    Christian Music Lovers may like XM Radio. This service includes one more Christian music channel than Sirius   in addition to Christian Pop / Rock and Gospel, XM also hosts a Southern Gospel channel with Gold City, Greater Vision and The McKarneys.
    Christian Music has certainly evolved a lot since it started to move out of the walls of the church. Originally, this type of music is only performed with musical instruments during regular church occasions. But faithful musicians eventually learned to in corporate lyrics and vocals into the hymns. And soon, the modern Christian music we now know came to be.
    A Christian music festival (also known as a Jesus music festival or simply a Jesus festival) is a music festival held by the Christian community, in support of performers of Christian music. The festivals are characterized by more than just music; many feature motivational speakers and evangelists, and include seminars on Christian spiritual and missions topics, service, and evangelism. They are often viewed as evangelical tools, and small festivals can draw 10 times the crowd of traditional revival meetings. While the central theme of a Christian festival is Jesus Christ, the core appeal of a Christian music festival remains the artists and their music. Critics point out that the dichotomy of business and religious interests can be problematic for Christian festivals. In similar ways as the Christian music industry in general, festivals can be drawn away from their central theme and gravitate toward commercialization and mainstream acts in an attempt to draw crowds.
    The Christian Music College provide degree program in music, music courses and internship for non music major and choral group. They give opportunities to the student to appear as a group on televisions, perform locally and perform in Convocations. They also organize concerts with other musical organization.
    Early Christian music festivals were noted for their conservatism, often limiting their artistic expression to "safe, middle of the road acts." The Jesus Festival, which was founded in 1973, offers a few illustrative incidents. In their inaugural year they hired a promoter, Tim Landis, who brought in acts such as 2nd Chapter of Acts, Pat Terry, and Phil Keaggy. The conservative owners, who wanted a family oriented music festival, found the music "a little too racy" and fired him. The following year at the same festival, Randy Matthews was chased off stage by a crowd which pronounced him to be demon or drug possessed due to his musical style and his announcement of an impending tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. Matthews was later dropped from the tour roster.
    As the Christian Music College realize that the musician needs to be versatile in order to meet the demand of churches and communities they design the curriculum such that it gives them training as well as experience in various style of music. They include in the music theory for students to learn Nashville number system and the Traditional numeral analysis. The concert that is organized with the student, where they can perform choir with a gamut of music from classical, contemporary, Broadway, Contemporary, Christian, Traditional and popular music. The students are taught to read music and eventually be able to improvise and write their own music. Instrumentalist, train as soloists as well as accompanists. They help the students to strengthen their present musical skills at the same time learn to develop new skills so to communicate well through music.

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