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     Christian music songs that i have composed.Like on    christian-musicand Google+ christian-songs if you want?





    All songs copyright

    I have many christian music songs on rank there is #2 for music/songwriter for my city Oslo.I have composed many songs,and i hop that you feel good listening to them .I have not studio quality music so the songs are not studio quality so i cannot sell my christian music songsChristian songThis is my christian songs that i have composed myself.

    My music site is
    I have made music for some time now,and i like making music.
    On my music site on reverbnation im numner 3 local for Oslo.
    I think that is cool,because im not so good singer,and i record with my camer,so it is not studio quality music ,so i cant sell my my music.I hope that you like my christian song.
    I will make more songs when God gives my a song.
    i hope that my christian songs can make you happy,and in a good move,so you can praise the Lord.Amen
    Christian music songs can help worshiping God..There is a lot of christian music on the net and im one of them.I have composed my songs myself.And i hope God will give me more songs,because i like to sing

    A wind is blowing

    Touch of Heaven


    Glory glory


    Just another day